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Artos open source project provides a solution to the test community that works out of the box and fills the market gap for true functional and end-to-end testing.

Most test frameworks support only automated tests, not semi-automated and/or manual. Artos's design assumes that one test suite may contain all types of test cases: it allows the user to filter and run one or more types. Artos's many built-in utilities help users to develop semi-automated and manual test cases.

Naturally, Artos generates professional-standard reports. It has a pre-configured, ready-to-use logging framework, allowing test developers to focus on what they do best. As well as general logging, Artos provides the facility for real-time logs which help users with easy log-parsing and performance testing.


Artos injects a FAIL stamp into the log stream which helps the user pinpoint the exact line of failure to speed up debugging.


Many test cases fail due to known issues or bugs, which may not be fixed for a long time. Recognizing that, Artos team created a feature to handle known-to-fail test cases. This allows a bug tracking or ticket number to be referenced within a test case so a test engineer can find the ticket quickly.


Test developers may run selective test cases during development or debugging. Changing a test script or production code can be error-prone. The Artos provides built-in GUI test selector, allowing the user to execute test cases selectively and to override test-script configuration temporarily.


Artos includes test-importance-indicator to a summary-report and a failure-highlights allowing team lead/manager take a quick call on the test results.

Artos encourages the test developer to maintain a test plan within a test case, it supports BDD-based test-plan formatting and printing to a log file. This avoids any disconnect between the test plan and test cases. in addition, it helps log-reviewers to understand the aim of each test.


Artos includes importance indicator and failure indicator. Importance indicator can let test developer rate importance of test cases so, during failure, an educated decision can be made quickly. Failure indicator highlights failed test cases from the prior run so the test developer can quickly re-run the test to reproduce the issue.


Artos can auto-generate test scripts avoiding errors while saving time for users.


In addition, Artos supports most features of comparable frameworks such as JUnit and TestNG: DataProvider; Before-After methods; Parallel testing; Groups; ExpectedException, etc.


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