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Arpit Shah (ARTOS Developer)

Arpit Shah


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ARTOS creator:

Arpit Shah is an experienced Test Team Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology, manufacturing and services industry. Strong quality assurance, professionally skilled in Java, C++, Validation, Test Automation, and People Management are some his skills.

Having quite a bit of experience in software/hardware testing, Arpit understands the frustration of test engineers in the absence of good test framework. Utilizing his skills, past experience and expectation for a good test framework, he initiated the project ARTOS with an aim to provide a framework which is easy to use and works out of the box. With the help of passionate contributors, ARTOS was developed and first release was launched on 22nd September 2018.

ARTOS Major Contributors


Shaival Chakraborty

Shaival is a seasoned test engineer with 8+ years of experience in testing. Developer turned into test engineer, Shaival has completed his degree in computer science. He is experienced in UI, API, Web, Performance, Mobile and Cloud testing. In his spare time, Shaival likes to participate in technological development and mentoring people.


Swapna Soni

Swapna is a testing enthusiast. She believes sharing knowledge is a key ingredient to growth of oneself and of others, hence exclaims 'Sharing is the new learning!'. With flair of testing knowledge and her passion to present/teach, she wishes to support budding testers with their career development. ARTOS plays a key role in helping her live her dream of 'making this world a better place for all testers'.

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