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Works Out Of The Box

Artos can be used for functional, system, end to end or unit testing. It was developed to provide a test framework which works out of the box so users can focus more on development of test cases.

Artos is written in Java which makes it suitable for Windows, Linux, Mac or any other platform that runs Java.

Most of the test frameworks only provide test runner/executor and rest is left on test engineers to develop, Whereas Artos comes with many inbuilt and well tested utilities saving time for users to focus on what they do best!




Click to add a skill

Click to add a skill

Click to add a skill

Testing Made Easy
Get it going in no time!

Artos runner can start executing test case(s) by simply invoking main method with just couple of lines of code. Out of the box, Users do not require to provide any external test script(s) or configuration(s). Artos will auto generate all required configurations to make users life easy.

Functional test framework


Artos unlike other frameworks assumes that test cases will go through development/debugging phases prior to and post any feature development. Thus Artos comes along with all necessary tools to help test engineer achieve their test goals faster and making the test cases  development and maintenance much easier.

Log files and reports


Logs and Reports are the heart of any test framework and Artos provides inbuilt and pre-configured logging framework (based on Log4j) and report generation tool (based on Extent reporting).




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Click to add a language

​Click to add a language

Written by Testers for Testers
We understand the pain

debugging made easy

GUI Test selector

Auto Test Script generation

Raw Log file

Real time log file

Management report

Log consolidation in directory

Fail stamp in logs

Test Plan in the log (BDD formatter)

Test cases can be known to fail



Manual/Semi-automated test cases are reality

GUI Counter

GUI Text

Live GUI update

Test Selector to re-run or run multiple time

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